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Waterproof Parka Rain Jacket

A compact parka Rain Jacket that is easy to carry around for protection on the go.

- Waterproof for Normal Rain
- UV & Wind protection & Breathable feature 
- The hem is adjustable and stoppered, so you can wear it two ways.
- The inner sleeves are connected to the sides and the cut is designed so that the arms can be moved easily.
- The difference in the length of the hem from front to back makes it easy to wear with leggings.
- 2 hand pockets
- It’s not only perfect for sports, but also in a wide range of everyday situations, from one-mile trips to yoga and walking.


Standard Size (Unisex)
Chest: 77cm
Shoulder Width: 55cm
Sleeve Length: 63cm
Length: Front 73cm ; Back 82cm

Custom Size
Please provide us your custom Sleeve Length & Front Length

Waterproof Parka Rain Jacket Unisex Coats (Blue)