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Universal Mobile Phone Strap for All mobile with Retractable Coil Clip 

Keep your handsfree and your phones secure with this strap

Easy To Use: Put a tab in the cell phone case, and through the middle charing hole of the phone case, then insert your phone and connect to the retractable coil Clip. The tab does not block your charging hole, thin enough to support corded, wireless charging, and music listening without being removed. 
Then, Clip the other side to your belt loops / zipper / wrist to prevent missing or falling of your phone. 

High Flexibility:
The normal length is 15cm, and the maximum extension length is 55cm

Wide Application: It is widely used in outdoors, fit for camping, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, etc.

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Universal Mobile Phone Strap with Retractable Coil Clip